privacy policy


At Super Cool Totes we take a proactive approach to privacy and act in accordance with UK law to protect our users and their sensitive data. We promise to never sell or give away your data to any third party, or use your data in any way that has no bearing on any orders you may have placed with us. The only exception to this rule applies to courier companies who we will need to share your details with to be able to deliver your goods. If we would like to publicly display any user data that you have shared with us (e.g. a product review) we will specifically request this and be clear about what we display and don’t display on our site.

We have no interest in selling or sharing any information with anyone, so please do not make requests for any data. 

Use Of Cookies

We use cookies to optimise your experience with, but do not have access to, or use the stored data for any purposes.


We use https encryption to protect your data, and only use well established e-commerce plugins to process your orders. All payment information is stored with the external payment merchant (i.e. Paypal). We are committed to alert our users of any breach of their sensitive data, and are committed to keep up to date with security measures and practices that best serve our customers.


You have the right at any time to request that we relinquish any of your data that we have stored, and delete all information related to you in full. You may contact us at any time to make this request.