By using Super Cool Totes you agree to the terms outlined below. If you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions please get in touch before placing an order with us. We can be contacted via email


We May Refuse to Accept an Order If
  1. The goods are no longer available.
  2. We cannot properly obtain authorisation for payment of the goods.
  3. If there was an error in pricing or product description.
  4. If your personalised product contains content that may be deemed offensive. We reserve the right to reject and refund and orders that contain personalisation that could be seen as obscene, threatening, pornographic, abusive or intend to incite racial hatred or and kind of discrimination to individuals or groups.
  1. All prices include VAT and free second class delivery. Faster delivery options are available at an increased rate.
  2. If you haven’t received your order within 15 working days it can be considered lost and we can move forward with a resolution by either re-issuing it or making a claim with Royal Mail for a refund.
  3. Orders are typically dispatched within 2 working days, however please allow up to 5 working days for dispatch in case any unforeseen circumstances hold up the processing of your order.
  4. The majority of our orders use a delivery service that is outside of our control, so we cannot guarantee a specific delivery day or accept liability for failed or delayed deliveries. We recommend leaving plenty of time to receive your order.
Use of Copyright Material

Super Cool Totes cannot take responsibility for the copyright status of any material used in the personalisation process. It is up to the customer to ensure that custom images and text do not break copyright legislation in their locality.

Retrieval of Digital Artwork

If you wish to have a digital copy of your artwork files after placing an order with us, please get in touch to check the eligibility status of the artwork files. The eligibility status varies due the different licences that artwork assets have. Some allow for digital distribution, whereas others do not. If we cannot determine whether you are eligible or not, we have to refuse to grant the digital files.

Use of Links

At Super Cool Totes we generally welcome the use of external links coming to our site, however the following exclusions apply:

  1. You do not alter or distort the branding appearance of
  2. You do not imply that we are selling any products other than what products actually appear on our website.
  3. You do not misrepresent your relationship with
Law and Jurisdiction

We abide by laws that are specific to England and the United Kingdom, so please be aware of how laws differ in your country when browsing our site from outside of the UK.

Abuse and Harassment

We understand that having issues with a defective product or substandard experience can be frustrating, but Super Cool Totes reserves the right to refuse service if we are subject to abusive behaviour.

Our Promise To You

At Super Cool Totes we believe in providing a reasonably priced, high quality product and offering a high level of customer service that is reasonable and fair. We promise to always respond to customer queries with honest and legitimate answers and work with our clients to resolve any issues quickly and professionally.